Parking & General Rules

  • All Fields for use by Permit Only at all times.
  • Visitors must park in designated parking spaces only.  
  • PERMIT ONLY spaces require valid permit on display.  No parking in RESERVED.  
  • No parking allowed along the street, around the center circle curb, over any curbs, up on medians or berms, within white- or yellow-lined areas and curbs, or in grass.
  • No-Drop Offs or Pick-ups in circle at any time.  Do not enter the circle without valid permit.
  • Goals are to be anchored at all times – no moving or climbing on goals.
  • No unauthorized field usage – all field use must be approved directly by HRSC in advance.  
  • No DOGS or other pets are allowed.
  • No solicitations, flyers or selling is permitted on the Complex grounds or parking lots without written approval of HRSC regardless of club affiliation.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed on Complex pathways or fields except for emergency, maintenance or event operations. This includes scooters, motor bikes or unauthorized golf carts.  
  • No unauthorized banners, dasher boards or promotional materials may be displayed on the grounds except for team banners during their matches.
  • No open fires, grilling or other cooking allowed on Complex grounds except by authorized concessionaires.
  • NO LITTERING  - each team is responsible for policing their sidelines for trash and depositing in receptacles.  
  • Please Recycle in appropriate containers located throughout the complex.
  • HRSC staff and officials have the right to require the removal of any individual (player, coach or spectator) from the Complex grounds that violates any of the posted regulations or who poses a threat to others due to violent or unruly behavior.
  • HRSC Operations Committee or authorized designate has the right to cancel any event or match, in whole or part, if in their opinion field or weather conditions exist that are dangerous to the players or are detrimental to the viability and maintenance of the turf.

 Ticketing & Towing strictly Enforced in All Parking Lots